Our mission statement

Our mission statement

It takes
a village

it takes a village
“It takes a village to raise a child.” A well-known African saying that illus­trates a uni­ver­sal value: that as a co­mmu­ni­ty, we are res­pon­sib­le for crea­ting a plea­sant, healthy living en­vi­ron­ment for our fu­tu­re ge­ne­ra­tions.

Developing ideas, sharing insights, cherishing our environment. This is how we work together, just like children learn when growing up.

It takes a village. Our community and our living environment have become complex, its challenges urgent. It’s more important than ever to shape tomorrow’s environment along sustainable lines, for ourselves, our children and our planet. That requires ambition, creativity and innovation. It’s up to us to achieve this, together with everyone involved, across disciplines and sectors, in different contexts.

BUUR and Sweco are combining therefor forces. By joining together as one, we can have a greater impact on our living environment. To its benefit. Together, we can translate the shared ambition of ‘Transforming Society Together’ into a concrete vision and projects.

BUUR reinforces the interdisciplinary approach adopted by Sweco and will form a single team with Urban.Habitat. Together, we are setting the tone in Belgium, leading the way whilst keeping a view on Europe and our global goals.

Our programmes

Our spatial

We invest in programmes that mirror the main social issues of our time. They act as our compass guiding us into the future. This way, we contribute towards breakthroughs for tomorrow’s world.

Climate & energy


Carbon neutrality will be the norm in 2050. We assist all our clients to draw up climate plans and implement a resolute energy transition. Together we are turning the climate curve positive.

  • Climate miti­ga­tion & adapt­a­tion
  • Energy landscapes
  • Local energy commu­nities
  • Sustain­ability assess­ments

Strong centres


City and village centres are sustainable living environments par excellence. We also make them the best places to live. We ensure that they are inclusive and diverse, brimful of life and character. We do this by enhancing each centre on a customised basis, and controlling sprawl outside of the centres.

  • Urban design
  • City renewal
  • Neigh­bour­hood revi­taliza­tion
  • Transit Oriented Develop­ment
  • Heri­tage protec­tion
  • Scenic quality plans

Healthy environments


Our health depends on the places, infrastructure and nature around us. They influence our choices, our behaviour and our general welfare. We design healthy environments as a spatial vaccine, from a granular level of an individual building up to the macro vision of spatial design, including public spaces and landscapes.

  • Healing environ­ments
  • Space for play and recrea­tion
  • Food environ­ments
  • Spatial epidemio­logy
  • Health in All Policies
  • Health impact assess­ments

Integral ecosystems


Plants, animals, people and buildings together form an ecosystem for our cities and neighbourhoods. In our carefully shaped landscapes and ecological residential districts, we ensure that this ecosystem flourishes. Our projects offer space for biodiversity, water, food, recreation, energy production and more.

  • Nature-based solutions
  • Landscape design
  • Public space
  • Biodi­ver­sity
  • Ecosystem services

Circular economy


A sustainable society is organised on a circular basis, with closed technical and biological circuits. But how do we make the transition to a circular economy? We develop solutions for industrial production, water management, food production and all the other systems that determine our society’s metabolism.

  • Urban metabolism
  • Cradle to cradle
  • Productive city
  • City logistics
  • Circular area develop­ment

Sustainable mobility


Today, people depend on their cars, with a drastic impact on the environment and the surroundings in which we live. In our projects, we tackle the underlying spatial problems and integrate sustainable and innovative mobility solutions. By doing this, we stimulate a culture of responsible and active transport choices.

  • Modal shift
  • Green mobility
  • Traffic safety
  • Transit-Oriented Develop­ment
  • Mobility regions
  • Cycle culture
  • Traffic and infra­struc­ture planning

Technology for people


Smart cities use information technology to understand and guide the concentration of activities and flows. Our data solutions bring authorities and residents closer together thanks to open data and GIS applications. An efficient way to foster exchange and co-creation.

  • Smart city
  • Smart village
  • GIS tools
  • Public policy evalua­tion and moni­to­ring
  • Collab­orative urban design

Regional development


Space is political and requires cooperation. As planners and intermediaries, we help develop regional spatial development policies. We combine disciplines to create together sustainable solutions for cities, provinces, regions and countries.

  • Regionale planning
  • Politics of space
  • Governance
  • Mobility regions
  • Energy regions

Inclusive society


A changing society risks leaving people behind. Thanks to a careful layout and organisational structure of the living environment, we promote an inclusive society fostering social justice. We work closely with various social players and ensure that our designs are welcoming and accessible to everyone.

  • public partici­pation and co-produc­tion
  • Commons
  • Placemaking
  • Universal design

Complex projects as spatial levers


Complex infrastructure projects have an enormous impact on the people, public spaces and the natural environment. To increase their social added-value as much as possible, we design our projects in tight-collaboration, taking account of every aspect, every stakeholder. As a result, they become the driving force for bigger, high-quality and sustainable changes.

  • Infrastructure design
  • Complex projects
  • Integrated project develop­ment and manage­ment
  • Process manage­ment
  • Co-creation

Complementary expertise

and multilateral

complementary expertise
Strong coop­e­ra­tion gives BUUR and Sweco more clout.

Strong cooperation gives BUUR and Sweco more clout. It offers the opportunity to contribute on a larger scale in the transition to an energy- and climate-neutral, healthy and safe society. We do this driven by our conviction that a carefully considered spatial layout changes our behaviour and society for the better.

Urban and rural areas need inspiring and integral designs and feasible solutions. By combining our activities, we strengthen our expertise in strategic and spatial planning, urban design and the creation of public spaces and landscapes. We ensure an integrated vision and cooperation between disciplines such as infrastructure, energy, buildings and environmental technology.

From design and research to policy support, project management and implementation. Thanks to the range of services we provide, we formulate integrated and effective responses to the ambitions of clients and partners.

BUUR and Sweco continue to work hard. As we do so, we deliberately aim to serve as an example in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. We explore new markets with innovative solutions. With the support of the international Sweco group, we position ourselves in Europe and globally as a partner in Transforming Society Together.

A strong team

A strong,

Our international team is full of committed collaborators with widely differing areas of expertise.

Our international team is full of committed collaborators with widely differing areas of expertise. That creates a surprising and enriching synergy.

Together, we transform our far-reaching social ambitions into reality according to a single, clear vision.